Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Repeal the Opinion Entitlement: how the 'right to an opinion' cripples debate

Somewhere lurking amongst middle-American fears of local Al-Qaeda operative cells, satanic cults, and White House-hatched Socialist coups is the specter of the anti-American “entitlement”. Entitlements -- or “hand-outs” -- coddle the weak, foster a culture of dependency, and discourage healthy self-reliance. They mock the American ideals of hard work, independence, and self-determined grit.
...Or so we’re told by those who believe that they are entitled to their opinion on the matter. I believe, however, that this entitlement, too -- the Opinion Entitlement -- should also be questioned for the deleterious effects it has had upon those whom it is meant to protect.  Read the rest...

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