Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dolphin Porn, Norwich University, and the Work of Jesus

"Another auxiliary project, one that brought in proceeds, was dolphin pornography. Dolphin porn was filmed in Malibu and in the dolphin tanks at Point Mugu. It was convenient because they had cages already built and so the dolphins could be housed there for use almost anytime. [Ronald] Reagan really loved the dolphin stuff. He watched a porn video of [my daughter] Kelly and I with a couple of dolphins. During the viewing he smiled, patted my leg and said, "I'll be with you later." He wasn't into sex with children and didn't have sex with my daughter. When the film was over he said, "Watching you do underwater ballet is beautiful, but seeing you with the dolphin is out of this world!" He laughed and looked up, like he was seeing a missile or shuttle launch. Lots of dolphin porn was filmed. I believe Bob [Hope] gave copies of it to Prince Charles, Prince Phillip and Margaret Thatcher, who is a lesbian."
                                              -- Brice Taylor, Thanks for The Memories
'Porno for Paranoids' is perhaps the only genre description worthy of Brice Taylor's prurient and demented Thanks for The Memories. In this perverse magnum opus, Taylor describes -- aside from her stint as an actress in dolphin porn -- how she was used as a sex slave by nearly all of the rich & famous of her time, from Henry Kissinger to Bob Hope (whom she described as her "owner").

So over-the-top is Brice Taylor's narrative that it is, of course, believed by certain advocates of Recovered Memory Therapies who, as a matter of commitment, simply must believe any and every tale that invokes Repressed Memories and their later re-surfacing. The opening pages of Thanks for The Memories are filled with endorsements, among which we find:
BOBBI GAGNE-May the love and compassion you have shown for countless survivors return to you multiplied. Thank you for educating many in the field of law enforcement so they may now help victims who are still suffering. Thank you for doing what Christ would do! I love you!