Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emerging facts of Boston Marathon Bombing confirm everybody's worst fears

Yet again, it turns out, everything is exactly as everybody suspected and feared. The Truth has been concealed, as usual, behind a veneer of whitewash, propaganda, and outright lies, but it is irrepressible... and increasingly more obvious.
As new details about last week’s Boston Marathon Bombing emerge, along with facts about the lives and loyalties of the suspects, it seems that virtually everybody finds confirmation of their cherished “Truth”, whatever that Truth might be.
It took no time at all for the simplest minds to publicly broadcast their our-told-you-so glee to the rest of the world. The dust on Boylston Street had hardly settled before conspiracy-monger Alex Jones had declared -- with a wisdom untainted by factual analysis or decency -- that the whole thing was orchestrated -- as it only could have been -- by that omnipresent author of all evil, The Government. The bombing was a “false flag” operation meant to frighten Americans into forgoing their constitutional freedoms in the name of the “War on Terror”.  ...Read the rest...