Monday, June 11, 2012

Media race to the bottom with witless cannibalism coverage

With a rare statistical cluster of several cannibal-related stories within the span of one week -- from a face-gnawing frenzy in Miami to a Maryland college student snacking upon his roommate -- media nationwide have predictably made a race for the bottom, positing asinine theories and invoking doom & gloom "zombie apocalypse" scenarios. Never mind that these stories (the details of which have been so over-exposed that exploring them here -- even in basic summary -- is unnecessary) are only possibly related at only at the most superficial thematic level. A disgruntled Baltimore Sun reader notes in a letter to the editor, that the once proud paper has delighted in "over a solid week" of pointless "coverage": "While gory details are hashed over continuously and delicious new ones slipped in, very few new or for that matter, explanatory, aspects are introduced", he wrote. ...Read the rest here