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Conspiracists Kill: Justice for Carol

 The disturbing story below details the questionable circumstances surrounding the death of one Carol Myers of London, whose Recovered Memory Therapy at the hand of deranged conspiracist therapists allegedly caused her to withdraw from the care of her family till her early death from "indeterminate" causes.  Below is a summary of facts presented by Carol's family (corroborating documents and recordings are embedded in their website hyperlinked immediately below).  Please visit the family's website.  If you have any advice or resources for Carol's family, still pursuing justice in the UK, contact them...
Our beloved daughter and sister, Carol, a vulnerable and mentally ill adult, was found dead in her flat at 17a Swanage Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2DZ on the 29th June 2005 at about 3:30pm. The cause of death was indeterminable. Our family have been fighting for five years to get to the bottom of the extraordinary events surrounding her death. The facts are as follows: Carol died on 29 June 2005; our family were not notified of her death by the Coroner’s Office until the 14 July 2005. In the meantime, an eminent doctor, Dr Linda Fleur Fisher, had arranged Carol’s cremation and disposed of her personal possessions.

Every single thing to do with Carol’s death is disturbing. Consider, for example, the manner in which our family were informed of her death. Carol’s brother received a telephone call on 14 July 2005 from Sharon Marshall, an officer in Battersea Coroner’s Court, who told him that Carol had died and was being cremated the following day. The officer said she knew why Carol had died but she did not provide any details about her death. Marshall stated further that Carol’s ‘next of  kin’ had told her that Carol did not have a family.

Two minutes later, Carol’s brother received another phone call. This call was even worse. The female caller refused to reveal her identity or position. The person who rang declared that she was Carol’s next of kin. She then invited Carol’s brother to a cremation service, which, she said, had been arranged for Carol the following day. We recorded the telephone number of the caller at the time via the NTL 1471 Facility. We have legally applied for and received Carol’s telephone records. We now know that this anonymous caller was Dr Fisher.

Not only did Dr Fisher arrange Carol’s cremation; she also helped identify Carol. We have a letter from the coronial office which states that the Coroner’s Assistant took a photograph of Carol in a mortuary and compared this with a photograph provided by Dr Fisher. Our family were to find out after the inquest that, on the day that Carol died, Dr Fisher made an emergency 999 phone call to the Police in relation to Carol’s death, while she was in Manchester, some 200 miles away.

The Metropolitan Police, despite repeated requests over the last five and a half years, have refused to allow our family to hear this 999 telephone call.  This call has been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police as still in existence and is stored on Metropolitan Police systems. We are hoping that public support and pressure will force the Metropolitan Police to allow our bereaved family to hear this emergency 999 call which was made by Dr Fisher at 15:14 on the 29th June 2005.  We want to know all of the circumstances of Carol’s death.

The emergency 999 phone call was not mentioned at Carol’s inquest. Our family only became aware of Dr Fisher after a police officer inadvertently mentioned her name in a telephone conversation after the inquest had taken place. We did a quick internet search on Dr Fisher and were astonished to find out that she specialises in health care ethics and was formerly Chair of the British Medical Association Ethics Committee.

From Carol’s medical records and other information that we have acquired since Carol’s death, it appears that Carol had been given ‘regressive memory therapy’ or recovered memory therapy as it is commonly known. The basis for the therapy is that a patient turns up at a doctors with an innocuous complaint like stomach ache. No physical cause can be found, so the doctor asserts that the cause must be psychological. The patient is then referred for therapy.

The therapist asserts that the patient has suffered some kind of terrible abuse – which he/she has repressed and therefore have no conscious memories of whatsoever; this, unbelievably, is supposed to be the case, even if the abuse is meant to have occurred thousands of times over many years. The purpose of recovered memory therapy is to recover the ‘lost memories’. Some patients receiving this treatment have undergone drug-assisted interviewing (using sodium amytal), hypnosis and age regression.  We believe that this therapy was responsible for Carol’s mental illness. After having this treatment, Carol became convinced that she had been a victim of events which never actually occurred.

After receiving recovered memory therapy, Carol’s medical records reveal that she made claims that are so preposterous that nobody would believe them without some evidence, except it seems Dr Fisher,  Carol’s therapists and other like-minded individuals who never bothered to check if any of these ridiculous and totally implausible claims were actually true. Carol’s medical records also reveal that her therapy was supported with extensive medication.

Before meeting Dr Fisher in 1985, Carol was a fully qualified nurse, capable of running a hospital ward. Carol was a happy, sociable and outgoing young woman. Carol enjoyed her life and seemed to have the world in front of her. Carol’s brother used to work at the same hospital and regularly had his tea break with Carol when they both used to work the same shift. Carol was independent and had moved away from home, although she maintained regular contact with her family. She had a regular boyfriend with whom Carol’s brother still occasionally has contact. Carol had a very normal life with a bright future ahead of her.

We now know that after 1985, because of Dr Fisher’s secretive involvement in separating Carol from her family, Carol’s contact with the family became less and less frequent and she moved away to live in London.  Throughout the last twenty years of her life Carol maintained sporadic but relatively regular contact with the family; about once every eighteen months she would contact various members of the family and send birthday cards and Christmas cards.

The reason that Carol always gave for the lack of contact with her family was that she was furthering her career. This was never really convincing and the lack of contact with Carol was frustrating, to say the least. Carol’s family made repeated attempts to contact her, but we now realise that these attempts were hampered significantly by the fact that Carol had apparently changed her name by deed poll in 1992. Our family simply never had any idea that Carol was mentally unwell – ever. Her mental illness was deliberately kept from us by Carol and by Dr Fisher.

Carol’s gradual separation from her family was very difficult to accept. It broke her parents’ hearts and although it was something which we had to come to terms with, it didn’t really make any sense. There were periods when we didn’t have a contact address or telephone number, but we now know that when our family  were under the illusion she was a nurse working in various hospitals, furthering her career, the real truth is that Carol was a mental patient who spent a considerable amount of her adult life in various mental institutions. Carol was asked repeatedly to make more of an effort to contact us. She would always state that she was not having any problems and that she was working shifts and pursuing her career. Carol living in London and the rest of our family living in Stockport did not help. We were forced, with much regret, to accept that Carol was an independent adult and was moving on with her life. Although she did ring up and send birthday and Christmas cards, all of which tended to contain the message of how she would come to see us in the near future, nobody in our family actually saw Carol from 1995 onwards.

Two of the therapists who treated Carol are Vera Diamond – or Vera Diamond-Carruthers – as she is sometimes known and Valerie Sinason.

Here are a couple of examples of their beliefs:

    British therapist, Vera Diamond, working with people subjected to Satanic and mind control abuse says, “Children say the word Satan is used more frequently than any other, but other demons include Baphomet and Behemoth. Molech seems to be one particularly associated with eating babies, and one called Choronzon. These do seem to be associated with eating babies.“ p299 Biggest Secret – Please follow this link for Valerie Sinason and man eating dead baby.

Carol was also treated by other prominent believers in Satanic Abuse such as Robert Hale. Carol’s medical records contain a letter written by Dr Hale. The letter is dated 28 May 1993 and it is signed by Dr Hale. The letter confirms that Carol had received weekly therapy from Hale and Valerie Sinason, over an eight- month period. Significantly, Carol was placed on the mental health register in 1992. Dr Hale’s prognosis is that Carol was a victim of Satanist abuse and this abuse had begun in ‘very early childhood.’ In Carol’s psychiatric notes, it states that her parents were the High Priest and High Priestess of a Satanic Cult. Our family are supposed to have dug up graves and performed ritual sacrifices, which include murder.

Carol’s medical history is littered with the who’s who of Satanic Ritual Abuse believers. The myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse is in our opinion a national scandal. And it is a scandal which needs exposing. In 1994, Valerie Sinason edited a collection of essays about putative satanic abuse. The book, Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse, was reviewed by one commentator as: ‘useful for anyone who needs a startling, clear demonstration of the amazing ability of 20th century human beings to persuade themselves firmly to believe in utter claptrap and nonsense.’ Carol almost certainly forms one of the case studies discussed in chapter 32 of the book.

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