Friday, October 15, 2010

Omega Unit 197

Duncan O'Finioan thinks you're a pussy.

You doubt his claim -- don't you?-- that "he was taken at a young age by his parents and delivered to a secret government program known as Project Talent, a sub-project of the notorious MK ULTRA Program. The program used severe trauma to split his personality into several alternate personalities, one of whom was trained and enhanced to become a Super Soldier known as Omega Unit 197."

"It was only as an adult,"
the claim goes on,  "after years of missing time, blackouts, odd experiences, and terrifying nightmares that a car accident restored some of Duncan's memories of involvement in these secret programs. Duncan had also recently learned of the existence of three distinct other personalities in addition to 197."



O'Finioan knows all about your kind, you internet opinionators with your doubts and alternate scenarios.  (From his blog:)

all you manly men, all you pussy men, who think you’re the toughest internet poster out there. [You're] [m]aking our job and defending the human race just that much tougher.  We would not walk into combat with any of you in our group.  None of you.  So please stay on YouTube, stay on Facebook, stay on your game consoles, and stay the hell out of our way when the shit hits the fan.
 You see, Omega Unit 197 has seen it all, and in the Real World.  The internet is a safe-haven for pussies like you:
[The internet] has allowed people to say vulgarities, inaccuracies, and just blatant lying bullshit that they would never say to an individual face to face.  Gee, I don’t know, but I was always told if you want to say something, be ready to back it up.
 Indeed.  Back-up your claims.  In fact, this is what one internet forum asked of an unprepared O'Finioan in 2006 when he entered their message board stating:
I understand some questions and comments need addresed.
I'm here,ask.
 Just his bad luck, I suppose, that one curious forum contributor knew exactly what to ask:

I'm ready to be convinced of the reality of your story...and I'm truly hoping that I (we here at RU [Reality Uncovered]) can be convinced. Because if even just a few of the claims you've made in the interview prove true - well...let's just say it would be a groundbreaking event. I do hope that's the case here.

1. Would you be willing to either (a) have a medical professional conduct a scan of your cranial implant - providing RU locates the professional and sets up the exam? Or (b) if you already have a scan, would you be willing to allow RU to forward it (a copy of it) to a medical expert of our choosing to confirm the claim?

2. Would you be willing to either (a) have a scan of your "hard-wired arm" conducted by a medical professional - providing RU locates the professional and sets up the exam? Or (b) if you already have the scan, would you be willing to allow RU to forward it (a copy of it) to a medical expert of our choose to confirm?

3. Would you be willing to demonstrate via Video (which we'd be more than willing to set up with an associate in your part of the country) your enormous strength?

I realize I'm making a judgement about "cranial implant" and "hard wired arm" based on the literal meaning of those terms. If I've misunderstood the claims, please feel free to clarify.

4. Do you have statements by witnesses or any documentation from medical experts that substantiates your claims? If so, would you be willing to forward that evidence to RU for publication on our main website?

I guess that's it for starters. Again...thanks so much for visiting us and offering to answer any questions people might have! I encourage all of our members to go ahead and have a dialog with Duncan. He has shown initiative and courage in coming forward like this - and I personally would like to commend him for this.

Best regards,
Omega Unit 197 evaded the questions, claimed proof to be forthcoming, and eventually directed readers to "try yahoo and aol search", adding,  "Don't you have anything better to do with your time then try and find something to hit me with?"

Following this, the forum members did their best to convince O'Finioan that they were merely trying to responsibly verify his claims before forming opinions of his narrative.  O'Finioan wasn't buying it:
I think minds on this fourm are already made up.
One question for you people,,,,what the hell makes you think I'm going to give you hard copy evidence?
NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE tells me what to do or how to do it.
Am I making MY point clear?
(misspellings in original)
 This lack of any credible evidence for O'Finioan's incredible claims didn't stop Jesse Ventura from using the lethal Omega Unit as a witness interview in an episode of his show about military "Manchurian Candidate" brain-washing programs.

Also in this episode was the esteemed Dr. Colin Ross,* who provides the "science" behind Omega Unit's claims.  Addressing the question of mind-control induced amnesia for his life as a super-soldier, Omega Unit states on his blog:
This is a question that we will try to address without getting overly scientific.  For those interested in the science, we suggest the works of Colin Ross, and know also that Dissociate Identity Disorder is a classified disorder recognized and listed in the Psychiatric DSM-IV.
 Yes, indeed.  Thank you American Psychiatric Association.  So long as you ignore all credible recent research psychology and neuroscience in favor of skewed retrospective surveys and data manipulation, any one of us can be anything we imagine ourselves to be... free to re-construct our autobiographical narrative into any compelling epic of action/adventure or heart-wrenching victimization that we -- or a doctor like Colin Ross -- may so choose.


*Incidentally, Ross was also scheduled to do an MK-ULTRA Conference with O'Finioan last year, but it was cancelled for reasons unknown to me.  The fact that such a plainly gullible conspiracy theorist still acts as a psychiatrist is a source of distress for me.

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