Sunday, November 11, 2012

22 Faces author Judy Byington caught lying?

Judy Byington, author of the hideous, nonsensical, Satanic Panic supernatural horror pulp-porno book, Twenty-Two Faces -- the implausible "true story" of Jenny Hill, an alleged Satanic-Jewish-Nazi ritual murder survivor -- seems to make claims that are hard to reconcile with known facts, believe it or not.

To wit, Mrs. Byington's press kit claims: "Since 2006, Byington has acted as a consultant on satanic crime for the Utah Attorney General’s office of Special Investigations."

About a month ago, I had posted an open letter to Dr. Phil in regards to his decision to film an interview with Mrs. Byington for broadcast. I outlined a number credibility issues related to Byington's claims, after which a reader took it upon herself to see if she could verify Byington's work as a consultant for the Utah Attorney General. She emailed the office a link to the Press Kit. The Attorney General's office didn't take long to reply:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leslie Mascaro <>
Date: 30 October 2012 08:02
Subject: Re: Judy Byington
To: Orphia ***********

I had one of our attorney's give you the answer below:
The site says Byington has acted as a consultant on satanic crime for the Utah AG's Office since 2006.  The Utah AG has not had any consultants on satanic crime since 2006 or any time, and certainly has not used Byington in any capacity including as a consultant, ever.
Craig L. Barlow
Assistant Attorney General
Division Chief
Children's Justice Division
Utah Attorney General's Office
5272 College Drive suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Phone:  (801) 281-1229
Fax: (801) 281-1235
 Well, that seems to settle that in no uncertain terms. However, when confronted with this embarrassing bit of debunkery, Byington admits no wrong. In fact, according to her, my thinking that this is proof that she is not a consultant for the Utah Attorney General's office is merely evidence of my ineptitude as a journalist:

When was the last time you heard of any journalist or law enforcement office or undercover officer revealing sources that were working undercover? Show me one. If you were working undercover and your life or investigative work depended on remaining anonymous would you want anyone to reveal who you were and what you were doing?
If you say yes then you obviously don't know much about investigative work in law enforcement or as a journalist. [...]. Like I have said, read "Saints, Sinners and Satan" when it comes out. It will answer a lot of you and your buddys' questions. 
Of course, the natural question now is, if her life and/or investigative work depends on her remaining anonymous, how did this top secret information end up on a public press release? Why is it advertised on her site? Why would she write about it in her upcoming book?

Judy hasn't replied to any of those questions.

Damning, you say? Not to Judy's true believers.

On Amazon, a five-star reviewer of Twenty-Two Faces, under the pseudonym of "BlueMoon", was asked (by pseudonym "ac2012") how she reconciled Judy's apparent lie with undying faith in the veracity of her book, to which the reply was:

My thoughts are that you're the one spreading lies, ac2012, not Judy Byington. All I had to do was read all your other comments posted here on regarding this book to conclude this. I've also concluded that you're only interested in creating a disturbance whenever and wherever you can.

I suggest that you supply a written or recorded statement from the Utah AG's Office that specifically states that Judy Byington was never, in any way, shape or form, served as a consultant for them. Until such time, I will continue to believe that Judy Byington either serves, or has served as a consultant to that office.
This post is an effort to supply that written record... though, somehow, I still don't think it's going to change any minds....


  1. I've read comments on various blogs claiming that Judy Byington and Kevin Annett are working together. Seems Kevin likes to seek out the seemingly scarred female types who cannot keep their satanic ritual sex stories straight. This foments the chaos and confusion that keeps the conspiratorial minded sheep entertained. Few have tried to debunk these claims as it requires a critical mind, so I'm glad to see this timely article posted here...

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  3. The Judy Byington insanity is posted on Face Book. I found it today. Gullible folk, into any conspiracy theory that pops up, are asking why the royal family are immune from investigation -- in other words they've given the current Salem witch trial episode credibility, and I guess the royal family are now involved in Satanic Abuse along with law enforcement, the pope, who knows. Ms. Byington touts her book as a kind of 'public service', as though she'd not getting paid to peddle trash. It is outrageous. The only thing we might say in her defence is that she may have a mental illness. She's 'licensed'? If she were licensed (I mean by a government agency -- under professional governance legislation.) she'd be struck off for this kind of behaviour. What's really sad is the energy that goes to claim, denial, counter claim counter denial, could be directed toward the problem of child abuse -- not the conspiracy theory (makes a sensation book) child abuse, just the ordinary varieties of physical, mental, emotion, sexual abuse that is all too prevalent.

    Thanks for your blog. I appreciate your careful attention to detail.

  4. I Don't understand this blog at all ,you people are obviously a bit sick yourselves and need to take a look at the facts ,and there are many , Deny it all you like at your own expense but you will surely pay for it , our creator despises lies and paedophiles and their enablers ,The ICLCJ will make sure of that .Kevin Annett will become a noble peace prize winner freemasons and Zionists will be jailed for life ,so I do not in anyway appreciate anything you say ,but thanks anyway

    1. Umm, hi guys. Kevin A will not be a noble prize winner. He isn't noble at all. As for being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, there is no proof he was nominated for that in 2014 or 2015 (which I have seen pop up on his sites). Save your admiration and support for someone who can make a difference in our world. Kevin dropped the issue of the first nations children deaths in Canada in a hot moment when he found fertile ground elsewhere on the 'world scene'.

    2. All of Judys work is Truth!

    3. In my experience as a survivor of sex trafficking and a brother who tried to shut me up. This page sounds like people who want to shut up anyone who has a story to tell because they are guilty of somehting.

  5. In my experience as a survivor of sex trafficking and a brother who tried to shut me up. This page sounds like people who want to shut up anyone who has a story to tell because they are guilty of somehting.