Friday, October 8, 2010

Turtleboy & Jet The Wonder Pup

The other week I received an email from a friend of mine in Wisconsin who had been mortified by the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Abuse’s (WCASA, “Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence”) apparent unwillingness to abandon certain artifacts of the long-debunked Satanic Panic of the eighties and nineties.  Until recently, their website listed Satanic holidays that all concerned citizens should be extra wary during, as well as information regarding the mythic diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder (from which the recovered “memories” of this disorder’s victims remarkably serves as the only “evidence” – still! – of these homicidal, community-depopulating Satanic cults).  My friend had been asking WCASA to justify their  purveyance of this conspiracy for some time, and we were both pleased to find that such references had suddenly been cleaned from the site.
Upon following-up, though, my friend in WI wrote to me:

I asked WCASA for a look at their resource center material and am saddened to tell you that they have not eliminated some of the most obnoxious stuff imaginable from their library, such as a copy of " Michelle Remembers". They've apparently only scrubbed their website.

On the bright side, one of the titles they have available is " Turtleboy and Jet the Wonderpup: a therapeutic comic for survivors of ritual abuse".

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Michelle Remembers is, of course, familiar to me.  Marketed as a true story, the protagonist, Michelle, suffers abuse by none other than Satan himself, and is later healed of her scars (thus also conveniently removing physical evidence of abuse) by the Good Lord Jesus personally.

Turtleboy and Jet the Wonderpup, though… that was a new title for me, so I ordered a used copy immediately.  Today, I wrote this email back to my friend in WI:

I got my copy of Turtleboy and Jet Wonderpup.  I actually got it the other day, opened it right away, looked at it briefly, threw it down on the coffee table and tried to laugh about it.
It's like scrotal elephantiasis: disgusting and sad, yet amusing.
LJ Stardancer is one sick twist.  It occurred to me that it is simply not possible for one such as her to ever go back on their SRA [Satanic Ritual Abuse] claims after producing such a work.  To do so would admit to this depravity as a product of her own mind.  and this is no minor depravity.  we have disemboweled children, a frame in which a child is humping his doll... in my favorite part (if I had to chose one), Jet the Wonderpup flies overhead a satanic orgy, pissing on the heads of the antagonists declaring, "My pee will set her free."  Jet's magic piss leaves the villains frozen till (Christian) law enforcement arrives.

Of course, being a children's comic, one doesn't want to leave things implied in subtleties, so we see an explicitly rendered image of a woman in a dog-collar fellating a man amidst an pile of either dead or sexually engaged adults and children. It is these people, of course, that Jet is pissing on.
LJ Stardancer & friends: These are some sick people.  Amazing how they "dissociate" their porno as the product of satanists.

LJ Stardancer, it turns out, is affiliated with an organization called “Survivorship”, upon which the self-declared former Masonic assassin (and all around amazing action hero) Neil Brick sits on the Board of Directors…  Oh, the meetings these people must have!


  1. This borders on criminal misinformation & abuse of the worst kind. What ever happened to getting well and leaning on ones' own resilience & competence? This is disgrace, especially when there is an abundance of literature debunking this nonsense. Jeanette Bartha

  2. One thing that must be said though: as horrifying as the idea of people such as the author of this crude pornography actually providing "therapy" to children is, in my experience when these Ritual Abuse enthusiasts claim they are concerned about children, they are really only concerned for THEMSELVES, promoting the privileged status they think they deserve as having been childhood victims of Satan. They really couldn't give a damn about children with real problems in the real world.